The ChatGPT Guide to Announcing Your Company’s New Partnership

Learn the secrets to using ChatGPT for crafting compelling press releases that announce your company's new partnerships.
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    Introducing the Partnership Press Release Prompt in ChatGPT

    The essence of public relations lies in the crafting of messages – precise, compelling, and timed just right. A pivotal part of these messages is embodied in press releases, especially when announcing major company milestones, like a new partnership. Today, we delve into the realm of ChatGPT and how it’s transforming the way we write press releases.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert experienced in writing compelling press releases, especially for major company announcements such as partnerships.
    Prompt: Draft a press release announcing our company's latest partnership with {Partner Company Name}.

    This prompt guides ChatGPT to generate a press release announcing a partnership. It’s a fascinating embodiment of the intersection of AI and Public Relations. The {Partner Company Name} is a variable which you can replace with the name of the company you are partnering with.

    Consider a situation where you’re a PR manager for a tech firm that’s just formed a collaboration with another company. You’re swamped with tasks and need to get a press release out ASAP. This prompt is your savior. By simply replacing {Partner Company Name} with your new partner’s name, you’ll get a high-quality press release, ready in moments.

    Using the prompt in Bing. Press release prompt.

    Understanding Variables in the Press Release Prompt

    A closer look at the prompt reveals one key variable, {Partner Company Name}. This variable is an integral part of the command as it allows for the personalization of the press release based on the partnering company. By changing the variable, you change the target of the press release.

    The Prompt Variable Explained

    Variable Description Example
    {Partner Company Name} This is the name of the company you are announcing a partnership with. Prompt: Draft a press release announcing our company's latest partnership with Apple.

    Practical Scenarios for the Partnership Press Release Prompt

    Building Industry Partnerships

    When announcing a new partnership in any industry, this prompt generates a professional, persuasive press release. Prompt: "...partnership with IBM."

    Startup Collaborations

    For startups announcing new collaborations, the prompt creates a buzz-worthy press release. Prompt: "...partnership with Startup XYZ."

    Government Contracts

    If you've secured a government contract and need to announce it, this prompt does the job. Prompt: "...partnership with the Department of Defense."

    Education and Research Collaborations

    Use the prompt to craft press releases for university or research collaborations. Prompt: "...partnership with Harvard University."

    NGO and Nonprofit Partnerships

    The prompt serves well for NGOs and nonprofits to announce their new alliances. Prompt: "...partnership with Red Cross."

    Enriching the Prompt: Suggested Additional Variables

    While the {Partner Company Name} variable provides a solid base for personalization, adding more variables can make the prompt even more versatile.
    Variable Description Example of use
    {Date} The date when the partnership is announced. Prompt: Draft a press release announcing our company's latest partnership with {Partner Company Name} on {Date}.
    {Company Description} A brief about your own company. Prompt: Our company, {Company Description}, is thrilled to announce a partnership with {Partner Company Name}.
    {Partner Company Description} A brief about the partner company. Prompt: We are partnering with {Partner Company Name}, a {Partner Company Description}.
    {Partnership Objective} The key objective or benefit of the partnership. Prompt: This partnership with {Partner Company Name} aims to {Partnership Objective}.
    {Contact Information} Details for press or public inquiries. Prompt: For more information, please contact {Contact Information}.
    As you see, this prompt added the detail of the date.

    This is the same prompt in ChatGPT 3.5:

    Experiment with These Enriched Prompts

    1. Announcing a Tech Partnership

      For tech firms announcing partnerships, enrich the prompt to capture the essence of innovation.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert experienced in writing compelling press releases, especially for major tech company announcements such as partnerships.
    Prompt: Our tech firm, renowned for {Company Description}, is thrilled to announce a new strategic alliance with {Partner Company Name}, a leader in {Partner Company Description}. This partnership aims to {Partnership Objective}.
    Bing Chat Prompt for a Tech firm.
    1. Start-Up Collaboration Announcement

      If you’re a startup announcing a collaboration, this prompt could be perfect.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert experienced in writing press releases for startup collaborations.
    Prompt: We, at {Company Name}, a startup known for {Company Description}, are excited to announce our new collaboration with {Partner Company Name}. This collaboration aims to {Partnership Objective}.
    1. Announcing Government Contract Wins

      Announce your new government contracts with a perfectly crafted press release.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert experienced in writing compelling press releases for government contract wins.
    Prompt: We, at {Company Name}, are proud to announce a significant contract win with {Partner Company Name} on {Date}. This partnership aims to {Partnership Objective}.
    1. University Partnership Announcements

      Share the news of your educational or research collaborations effectively.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert in writing press releases for educational partnerships.
    Prompt: {Company Name} is excited to announce a groundbreaking research partnership with {Partner Company Name}, aimed at {Partnership Objective}.
    1. NGO Partnership Announcements

      Let the world know about your new alliances that make a difference.

    					Role: You are a public relations expert writing press releases for NGOs.
    Prompt: {Company Name}, committed to {Company Description}, is proud to announce a new partnership with {Partner Company Name}, to {Partnership Objective}.

    Unveiling the Technical Attributes of the Partnership Press Release Prompt

    • Command Structure: The prompt uses a role-play command structure, directing ChatGPT to act as a PR expert crafting a press release.
    • Variable Integration: The prompt features a single variable {Partner Company Name} for flexibility and personalization.
    • Brevity and Clarity: The prompt is concise and straightforward, setting clear expectations of the output.

    These attributes can be applied across other contexts. For instance, you could use the command structure to instruct ChatGPT to generate marketing copy, scripts, speeches, etc. The variable integration provides personalization scope in any prompt. The attribute of brevity and clarity is essential for any successful communication with ChatGPT.

    Anticipating Potential Hiccups with the Press Release Prompt

    While the press release prompt is powerful, it isn’t foolproof. Here are some potential situations you might encounter:

    • Unfamiliarity with the Partner Company: ChatGPT won’t have any background knowledge about the partner company. It generates content based on the variable you provide, without any contextual understanding.
    • Limited Details: The prompt in its base form only includes one variable, limiting the scope of information in the press release.

    However, the beauty of ChatGPT lies in its flexibility. You can easily overcome these potential hiccups by adding more variables or details to the prompt.

    Embracing the Power of AI in Public Relations

    The journey of exploring the press release prompt for announcing partnerships has been enlightening. We’ve delved into the intricacies of the prompt, from understanding its variable to exploring its diverse applications. We’ve discovered the value of enriching the prompt with additional variables to make it more personalized and versatile.

    In the realm of public relations, where timely and effective communication is pivotal, ChatGPT offers an unprecedented advantage. It holds the potential to revolutionize press release writing, turning it from a daunting task into a breeze. As we move forward, let’s embrace this powerful tool, exploit its versatility, and witness how it transforms our public relations endeavors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, you can enrich the prompt with multiple variables for a more detailed press release.

    No, ChatGPT won't have background knowledge about specific companies. It generates responses based on the provided variables and its training data.

    Yes, you can modify the prompt to suit different types of press releases by changing the role and the prompt text.

    While ChatGPT aims to generate high-quality content, it's always a good idea to review and tweak the content as per your specific requirements.

    Yes, the enriched prompt provides a template. You can change the variables for different announcements.

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